I'm Maria Mellano, creator of Bloom!

I'm a seasoned Psychotherapist, Coach & Psychodramatist devoted to heart-led living bringing originality to life. I created Bloom a Life You Love built on decades of personal work and 20 years of professional practice helping clients evolve through what I have come to call The Bloom Way. The Bloom Way is based on spiritual, psychotherapeutic, and experiential practices. It supports living a creative heart-led life, aligned with awareness, true wholeness integrating shadow, being in flow and guided by your unique brilliance.

Pause to springboard your week into Bloom. In Bloom! Pause we focus on sharing a celebration from your previous week or life in general, intentions for your upcoming week, and aligning mindset and heart with that intention through a short meditation.

Educational offerings for true nourishment of the body, mind, and soul.

Please see our Bloominar Series recordings below - Enjoy!

Food and Mood - The Intuitive Connection

presented by Mekenzie Smith, RD

Click here to watch replay

Meet your Intuitive Eater

presented by Melissa Mauricio
Part 1 & 2

Click here to watch replay

Gut Health

presented by Erin Kenney, RD

Click here to watch replay


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